Lava, errr Java Shack (Guest Post)

My wife, recounting an outing from a few days ago… On the north side of Moscow sits a store we have been visiting a LOT lately: Moscow Building Supply. You see, we’re moving and remodeling at the same time. We have purchased a new-old house next to East City park, a quaint, perfect little cottage […]

Comfy Chairs at Sister’s Brew (Guest Post)

Here is another guest post from my wife, who blogs very consistently (unlike myself) and is definitely worth reading. Let me take you again to one of my favorite places. I’m here now, having just finished my calculus homework and taking a few minutes to relax before heading home. The little corner coffee shop sits […]

Strange Brew (Guest Post)

A treat today! This is a guest post from my beautiful (and talented!) wife. In the spirit of celebrating the coffee scene in and around Moscow, I have to note the presence of a widespread phenomenon we have all experienced at one time or another: Home Brewing. Like the backwoods whiskey stills running during the […]