Gateway drugs: Biscotti

Growing up, I never had coffee. I had tried it and found it to be thoroughly nasty. I only later discovered that it was only the coffee I had tried that was nasty, not coffee in general. Anyway, I didn’t like coffee. But I LOVED cookies. Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with “C”!

In college, I started to enjoy studying in coffee shops. Particularly the Redhawk Crossing, which later moved and became the Nuart. No, I wasn’t interested in the coffee. But I needed a cookie and they had some really wonderful biscotti there. It was baked at home by a friend of the owner. For those of you who have only had the biscotti at Starbucks that comes shrink-wrapped or the Nonni’s biscotti that you find at some supermarkets, you are missing out.

So I had this yummy biscotti, but it was of the hard variety that really needed to be dipped first. Well I needed something to dip it in, didn’t I? Wary of the perceived bitterness of espresso, I began with Chai tea. The Big Train variety made with steamed milk is especially yummy. Going from that to a nice mocha was only an inch away. I was on the slippery slope, and all for a seemingly harmless cookie that was just a little bit too crunchy all by itself.

I need to experiment with some biscotti recipes at home. I haven’t been able to find any around town that measure up to those ones I fell in love with back when I was 17. Here is a recipe from a local that was posted recently. I hope to take a shot at it soon.

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