Limu coffee from west of Jimma

At Bucer’s now, we have coffee from the Nano Sebeka cooperative, located a bit west of Jimma Ethiopia. Up until only about 2 years ago, most of the farms in this area had no access wet processing stations and so their beans were deemed low-grade and not exported on the specialty coffee market. Things are starting to change though. I raved about this coffee earlier here. I noticed that Stumptown is also touting a new product from this region as well. Their coop also has the word “nano” in the title. I was curious if the farms were very close to each other. I had to do quite a bit of poking around to get the latitude and longitude of the washing stations, but was finally able to track the data down on an industry accountability website. It turns out the two coops are only about 20 miles from one another!

On this map, I’ve also included a few other notable markers. In the center is Addis Ababa, the capital (alas, the only place I’ve ever been to). In the top right is Harar and in the bottom center is Yirgacheffe. On the left, the yellow is Nano Challa and the blue is Nano Sebeka.



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