Best Drinks to Get Downtown

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here is mine!

If you find yourself in one of the three downtown coffee shops in Moscow, here is what I recommend you order:

One World Cafe: Their supplier consistently has an Ethiopian coffee they brew in one of the drip carafes. It’s very good. I get the Ethiopian drip nearly every time I’m in there.

Sister’s Brew: Sister’s does a very good job with their milk consistency. If you’re looking for something creamy and sweet, a white chocolate mocha here would definitely deliver.

Bucer’s Coffeehouse Pub: I’m biased of course since I help roast coffee here, but I’ve always believed it to be the best espresso in town. The Cuban-style espresso (which is espresso with a small amount of caramelized sugar so as not to cover up the flavor of the coffee) is definitely what you should get. Ask for a “Cubano con leche“. 12 ounces is about the right concentration.

New drive-through: Retro Espresso

There’s a new coffee drive-through next to Dominoes Pizza called Retro Espresso (link to Facebook page).

The owner built it out of a remodelled airstream trailer and it looks pretty cool. They appear to be going out of their way to use good ingredients. Worth checking out next time you’re on the road.

The Argonaut newspaper had a piece on it, but I can’t seem to find it on their site anymore.

Full disclosure

I should mentioned that I’m now an employee at Bucer’s. I’ve been training as their back-up coffee roaster for the past few months and I had the opportunity to do all the roasting during the past three weeks while the main guy has been out of town. It’s gone OK but I have plenty to learn! If you are a discerning customer, you may have noticed that things are bit brighter than usual. This can be good for drip, but espresso usually does better with some darker, earthier flavors.

I’ll still be posting here occasionally about local coffee. I still frequent many of the other places in town just for variety’s sake too.

Coffee heretics

This from an old travelogue I read recently. This happened while the author was passing through a village in Switzerland in the early 1900s.

In his shoes, I would have done the same!

I also asked him for coffee, and as he refused it I took him to be a heretic and went down the road making up verses against all such, and singing them loudly through the forest…

-Hilaire Belloc, The Path to Rome, p.164

Landgrove coffee interview

The Moscow Food Co-op newsletter this month contains an interview with Hannah and Jon Binninger, owners of Landgrove, a local roaster just a few miles away in Troy Idaho. One World Cafe uses their beans.

My usual morning coffee

Argonaut article on Sister’s Brew satelite location

More info here.

The Night Shift

Some local folks produced a fun short video that takes place late at night at Bucer’s.

Delivery service

To lazy to walk downtown or hop in the car? Used to getting your pizza delivered?

Yes, you can now get designer coffee delivered straight to you!

I’ve seen the Red Star bug dropping things off at a couple offices lately. I asked them how much it costs extra. Answer: Nothing, but you need a minimun $20 order. (That’s about 6 drinks).

Interestingly enough, Java Bug (formerly Jana’s Java) also has a branded red Volkswagen bug. Theirs is old-school though and I’m not sure if they deliver.

Sister’s Brew in the UI Administration Building

Apparently, campus dining is farming out some of it’s locations to third parties. This is great!

Sister’s Brew now has a satellite location on the first floor of the administration building. The people that have worked there in the past have always been friendly, but I’m afraid the coffee has been a complete dud for years. Things are looking up! The drinks are better and they’ve painted the place and add a comfy chair by the cooler.