Sampling some whole bean coffee available around town

Since I roast coffee at Bucer’s I usually just take home the fruit of my labor from there. Still, sometimes I run out unexpectedly and grab a bit from the grocery store. Also, I occasionally poke around and try other things just to see what they taste like. I still pick up a drink at one of the other local shops once in a while, just to see what people are used too.

This past month, I’ve happened to sample a few of the whole bean offerings from around town.
All of these I brought home, ground fresh and brewed in my wonderful Aeropress and topped with milk.

  • Medium-dark Columbian from Safeway: Really awful. Couldn’t finish the cup. Ugg. Should have picked a different one.
  • Light-roast Guatemala Antigua from WinCo: Had an offensive underlying flavor, but also some nutty middle notes. Not too terrible.
  • Doma “Urth” blend, from Coeur d’alene: Heavy on the Indonesian, but still pretty good and balanced. Nice stuff.
  • Landgrove Ethiopian from Troy. Found at the Food Co-op or One World: A perennial favorite. I’m pretty sure this comes from the exact same Yirgacheffe supplier that we use at Bucer’s. I usually go a bit on the lighter side to bring out the floral characteristics. Jon roasts his a bit darker, but that works really well too. Both are best in a French press in my opinion.
  • Organic Grade 1 Sumatra from Bucer’s: Holy smokes. The aroma of this stuff will blow your nose clean off. Very powerful. It has a strong cedar flavor that some folks will not enjoy, but in other ways, this coffee is really fantastic. Probably not going to have this one in again anytime soon. Still, this is in some ways in a class above everything previously mentioned.

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