Sigh… the war in Iraq

Oh, I despise to talk politics, but I’m afraid I must throw in a comment since reading some more of Yeats. In 6 years, I’ve gone from supporting President Bush to not. Why? No elaboration, just this: Iraq was a bad idea (and still is), and the federal government continues to bloat. I was hoping it would shrink. As for striving to change the minds of politicians? I’m not up for it and I don’t envy their position either. I think this sums it up best:

On Being Asked for a War Poem
by William Butler Yeats

I think it better that in times like these
A poet’s mouth be silent, for in truth
We have no gift to set a statesman right;
He has had enough of meddling who can please
A young girl in the indolence of her youth,
Or an old man upon a winter’s night.