A Proper Humble Preface

I’ve had Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation on my reading list for some time now. Cheers to this disclaimer on the first page:

There are very many religious people who have no need for a book like this, because theirs is a different kind of spirituality. If to them this book is without meaning, they should not feel concerned. On the other hand, there are perhaps people without formal religious affiliations who will find in these pages something that appeals to them. If they do, I am glad, as I feel myself a debtor to them more than to others.

Now, contrast this with the the latest offering from someone like John MacArthur:

Thank you for buying this book. It’s a good thing you did! The dispensational eschatology I will proceed to defend in the following 300 pages is so freakin’ important, that if you don’t like it, you probably aren’t really a Christian. God bless you.

Sigh… We love you John. We really do. This book probably isn’t for you though. I guess I’ll see if it’s for me.