Ever feel rotten?

Now we still have the desire to do the right thing, for we are created in God’s image and inwardly seek the things of God. But that godly desire is trapped and imprisoned with a wall of disordered flesh, emotions, and destructive thought processes. The spirit is no longer our primary driving force. It is covered over or forgotten.

Our bodies and souls are also changed by the Fall. The soul is disjointed and confused within itself. The body loses its original God-given beauty and innocence, a loss we try to cover over with often futile efforts to cosmetically enhance our appearance. In short, Adam and Eve’s banishment from the paradise of the Garden of Eden isn’t a long-ago fairy tale. It’s an existential, cosmic reality, and it’s something we experience in the here and now of everyday life.

-John Michael Talbot, The Music of Creation, p.40