I hate math

You ever have one of those days where you realize something that, in hindsight, has been blindingly apparent for years?

Much to the dismay, I’m sure of my pro mathemetician friend Eric, I must now confess, that I hate math.

I took plenty of math in school. I took those college correspondence courses in high school. I was all geared up to be an Engineer. I think people think of me as a “mathy” guy, but I’m actually not. I can just finally admit it.

I identify completely with this quote from Lewis on the subject:

I could never have gone far in any science because on the path of every science the lion of Mathematics lies in wait for you. Even in Mathematics, whatever could be done by mere reasoning (as in simple geomtry) I did with delight; but the moment calculation came in I was helpless. I grasped the principles but my ansers were always wrong. Yet though I could never have been a scientist, I had scientific a well as imaginative impulses, and I love ratiocination [the process of exact thought].

-C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy, p.137

Oh the agony. I remember doing my calculus homework and getting 100% of the answer right, but it took me three to four times longer to do it than my peers, from making calculation errors. The more calculating parts of music theory were sometimes the same way.

People think I use math now at my job, as a database programmer. Ha! Whatever. I write programs that do all the work for me. I don’t calculate a dang thing, unless it’s a quick estimate with the calculator of how many itterations something is going to take. Basic statistics. All good stuff.

I hate math though. I feel better about not becoming an engineer now.