Books are better than plays

Here, Tolkien discusses plays (Drama):

Drama is, even though it uses a similar material (words, verse, plot), an art fundamentally different from narrative art. Thus, if you prefer Drama to Literature (as many literary critics plainly do), or form your critical theories primarily from dramatic critics, or even from Drama, you are apt to misunderstand pure story-making, and to constrain it to the limitations of stage-plays. You are, for instance, likely to prefer characters, even the basest and dullest, to things. Very little about trees as trees can be got into a play.

-J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories, (Fantasy)

I’ve always loved story much more than characters. Give me a plot-driven novel or adventure, not some dull epic full of nothing but sitting around talking.

My wife leans more towards enjoying interesting characters and relationships, though even she does not drift that far into drama. She still detests Jane Austin and any book made up primarily of political intrigue.

Neither of us have found much enjoyment in the theatre, with the exception of musicals.

A pastor of mine used to preach regularly that “People are more important than things!”. Oh, bother. I sure prefer things most of the time.