Please define resurrection

THIS is why it’s worth the time to read N.T. Wright’s big books.

On the first 300 pages of his book, defining Resurrection in antiquity:

Many studies of the resurrection have begun by examining the accounts of the Easter experiences in Paul and the gospel, subjecting those accounts to detailed traditio-historical analysis. This puts the cart before the horse. Such analysis is always speculative; until we know what resurrection meant in that world, we are unlikely to get it right. This is not just a matter of seeing the big picture ahead of the little details, though that is important too; it is about knowing what we are talking about before we begin to talk about it.

-N.T. Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God, p.30

Language has evolved a heck of a lot in 2000 years. Watch out.

You don’t accomplish being a Christian

In which I fire of a series of posts with virtually content of my own but rather just quotes and sippets I want to remember.

Read this carefully:

I will go down swinging against the confusion of faith and works.

Being a Christian is demonstrated by doing something.

Being a Christian isn’t accomplished by doing something.

But doing something demonstrates we’re being something.

Via Jared Wilson at the Board Head Tavern