Bible contradictions just a symptom of human language

Some would say the Bible is full of contradictions because it is full of crap.

Christian theologians (who believe it’s full of diamonds) nevertheless have plenty to argue about too. Why is this?

I like Alter’s suggestion here that God’s intersection with mankind is difficult to describe!

It’s the best that could be done with human language.

The monotheistic revolution of biblical Israel was a continuing and disquieting one. It left little margin for neat and confident views about God, the created world, history, and man as political animal or moral agent, for it repeatedly had to make sense of the intersection of incompatibles – the relative and the absolute, human imperfection and divine perfection, the brawling chaos of historical experience and God’s promise to fulfill a design in history. The biblical outlook is informed, I think, by a sense of stubborn contradiction, of a profound and ineradicable untidiness in the nature of things.

-Robert Alter, The Art of Biblical Narrative, p.154