Poem: So Subtle

How come all the best things are so subtle?
Creme Brulee and a gas-station Moon-pie
are both mostly sugar.
Seduction works best when it’s so slow and tender
you don’t know it’s happening –
though perhaps nothing good comes of that.
Better to declare your courtship intentions in court,
using a loud herald.
Run Starbucks through a gas chromatography spectrophotometer
and it lights up the same numbers as Stumptown.
Measure her breasts with a micrometer
and you will come up with no meaningful marks
with regards to beauty.
We think subtle means little and slight and careful,
barely pushing.
But it must be pushing in a thousand places,
tipping the scales with a crushing weight.
When you look to see what made the difference,
all you see is a couple of ants sauntering away.
So small, but they just finished carrying away your entire picnic
while you call the cops to report a robbery.