Parody the best criticism

What is sharper than parody? Done well, it is not shrill, but gives your enemy the respect he deserves before smashing him to bits.

Shakespeare mocked the French to no end in Henry V (which I read out loud with some friends this past weekend). But he learned French to do it.

Think angsty music videos are ridiculous? You can complain about them or preach a sermon against MTV. Or, you can take the time to craft your own and show how ridiculous they really are.

I found this to be completely hilarious, (except for the last part where it takes a pointless and vulgar turn – fortunately this embed code lets to specify the timeframe when embedding video – rockin’!).

If what you are against is worth really being against, then it is worth learning it from the inside out. If something is worth criticism, then the best thing you could do is to parody it well.

If you can’t, then either:

  • A) You haven’t done your homework and your criticism is probably weak
  • B) The thing actually ISN’T worth criticizing. Either you are in the wrong, or it’s not important. Chill out.