Do not despair over your education

The best preparation for any task is the one done many years ago. They are familiar and deeply established. Being a good husband starts with watching how your father treats your mother, when you are five years old, when you can first remember. Being an excellent musician starts with thousands of hours of playing, the more distant in your past, the better. The real breakthrough that established musicality happened in the 500th hour, not in-between 2 and 3 PM yesterday, even if that was your 5000th hour.

I think this sort of talk can lead may men to despair, for they desire to “be someone” or accomplish something significant, but they are told it’s already too late, even if they are only in their twenties. It’s the eleventh hours, the train has already left the station!

But that cannot be so. Except in the measure of grace given us, which has a stability not dependent on the failings of men, we are not slaves to determinism. Constrained, yes, but many constraints are imaginary.

I did not say that the only place to start was years ago, just that it was the best place to start. The only thing you can do today is to stop waiting and do.