Kierkegaard and Girard on the demonic

For Kierkegaard, the “demonic” is always connected to isolation – IS isolation in fact. For Girard, mimetic rivalry is the great demon – Satan himself – who keeps us temporarily glued together by tearing us apart. (By uniting the community against the Scapegoat.) It’s two sides of the same coin. Girard explains what we do with the scapegoats, but Kierkegaard offers of some insight into how they get separated from the whole in the first place.

Like a quick high from a snort of cocaine, the user feels great and can do anything – for about an hour. Then he (we) needs another hit. This is what all our wars and rivalries lead us to – a destructive temporary fix, a false unity. What instead can bring long-term health and happiness to all mankind? Only the agape love of Christ. A nourishing warm loaf and a wine of gladness with the memory of sorrow. This will grow up both a child to an adult and sustain an adult for the ages. This is what the Lord offers us. The devil? Only a flaky stimulant.

Exhortation: Oh man! Discard your anger and jealousy with your fellow man. This is a way that leads only to death. Break bread with him and enter into the breaking of the curse.