The meal table as imperfect foundation of our future

Here is another fantastic (and relieving) passage from Capon here that deserves to be reprinted. (Also, Charles Williams strikes again with two instances of “coinherence” in this passage.)

In the eighteenth chapter of the Book of Genesis, it is reported that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost sat down once and had lunch with Abraham in the plains of Mamre. The table has been the hallmark of the Trinity ever since. The world is about the mystery by which the created order of pieces and parts is to become the image of the coinherence of the three divine Persons; about the forming of the Body of Christ, the building of the City of God. And the Board is the first of the places at which it happens. If that sounds a little fancy for your own table full of upset glasses and brawling children, remember Abraham: He set God the best table he could, but his wife embarrassed him by being rude. From his point of view, the occasion was hardly a success. As it turned out, however, it didn’t matter; he became the father of the people of the coinherence anyway. The City of God began with a meal that didn’t go right; your spilled milk isn’t going to hold up the building of it too much.

-Robert Capon, Bed and Board, p.82