A hobbit playlist

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for a “Hobbit Second Breakfast”. We ate a large brunch filled with scones and sausages and I read some out of Tolkien’s essay On Faerie Stories. Good times.

We also had music playing in the background the whole time. I tried to pick some light happy (but not too fast) celtic stuff that a contented hobbit might want listen too, along with a few relevant tracks from the films.

Here is my hobbit playlist (Title, Artists, Album):

  • Flaming Red Hair, Howard Shore, LOTR Complete Recordings Vol. 1
  • The Bog of Allen/Eanach Dhuin/Bill the Weavers, Teada, Music and Memory
  • A Sligo Air/Sally Gally, Teada, Music and Memory
  • Aibreann, Lunasa, Lunasa
  • Stolen Apples, Lunasa, Otherworld
  • O’Carolan’s Welcome/Rolling in the Barrel, Lunasa, Otherworld
  • The Miller of Drohan, Lunasa, Otherworld
  • Island Lake, Lunasa, La Nua
  • Snowball, Lunasa, La Nua
  • Stepping Stone/An Seanbhean Bhocht, Teada, Give Us a Penny and Let Us Be Gone
  • Mazurka, Altan, Island Angel
  • An Mhaighdean Mhara, Altan, Island Angel
  • May It Be, Enya, LOTR Complete Recordings Vol. 1