The chief lie

The chief lie in the universe is this – that no one loves you.

The enemy reenforces this lie in two ways.

1. In doubt and cynicism as to the existence of love. If it doesn’t really exist, then it’s not yours. What you perceive to be love is really something else: sex, desire, reciprocation, chance, lunacy, etc.

2. To assume/acknowledge/grant that love may exist, but that it is most certainly not yours. The enemy does this through accusing – the trademark task of Satan. In accusing us, he shows (with true proof even) that we are not lovable, not worthy of love, and therefore not loved.

Our creator demolishes the lie in two ways.

1. In making the existence of love shockingly obvious and even when our heads are down, by acting “like a splinter in your mind” that won’t go away. No amount of rationalism can paint over it. No amount of despair erase it’s possibility. Anyone who contemplates it without sufficient distraction will conclude that this love exists. It’s presence is rational, empirically palpable, and spiritually intuitive.

2. In wiping away the accusations by declaring love unilaterally. By explicitly and declaratively loving the unlovable, the attribute of unworthiness becomes irrelevant and accusations of guilt meaningless.