The ten people you meet in Winco at 10:00 PM

I love the variety of people who shop at Winco, our beloved local grocery store, late on a Friday night. This list is entirely accurate (though not exhaustive), and almost completely hyperbole-free.

1. The Indian guy buying 5 pounds of curry powder in bulk.
2. The Chinese couple with an entire shopping cart full of bok choy and pork and nothing else.
3. The frat guy with 2 cases of Keystone Light.
4. The elderly couple walking 1 mile an hour and blocking the soup cans indefinitely.
5. The mob of sorority girls in yoga pants, loud and rude.
6. Players from the basketball team, extremely tall and chugging an entire Gatorade while waiting in line at the checkout.
7. The tired mom with screaming kid who I’m sure the mom wishes could be in bed.
8. The stock worker who just about runs you over with the forklift.
9. The deep woods homesteaders buying two giant carts full of food since they only come into town once a month.
10. The dad who drank way too much coffee buying yet more milk and frozen Eggo waffles promised for his kid’s “balanced” breakfast the following day.