The name “Carpe Cakem” is faux-Latin and means “Seize the Cake”. It comes from a corny birthday card I received several years ago. It is also intended to make fun of the plethora of arts and culture blogs out there with Latin titles, many of which take themselves far too seriously, or at least did in the heyday of blogging circa 2007 when I began.

This blog is a personal scrapbook to help me remember what I read and think about. It has no unifying theme though topics frequently touched upon include Christian theology, anything related to the Oxford Inklings, anything related to the work of Rene Girard, and, to a lesser degree, issues pertaining to music, parenting, education, and psychology. More recently, my interest in Ethiopian history and culture make regular appearances. Most of what is posted here is not directly intended for anyone to read except myself. A handful of friends and family members are my only known readership. That’s just fine though because thinking, reading, and blogging are a lot of fun, all by themselves!

A bit about myself: I am a Christian – some sort of orthodox one – and necessarily some sort of conservative. I am in my thirties and married with four children, two of them adopted. I live in the Pacific Northwest USA and have my entire life. I grew up on a wheat farm. I have a degree in Music Theory, but have worked in IT for the past 17 years, usually as a programmer.

Besides this blog, I also post occasionally on computer programming, and coffee.

Many of the things I post here are just excerpts with a couple lines of commentary. Every once in a while though, I am able to get something a little more substantial and/or original out the door. The following is a “best of” list of sorts:

And, on an unrelated note, these are by far the most visited posts. If you came here via Google, you probably landed on one of these:

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You may contact me at moscowcoffeereview@gmail.com.

Peace! Selam new!