Excellent west Ethiopian coffee

Roast House, a newer roaster from Spokane currently has beans from west of Jimma in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. These are from the Nano Challa coop, which Stumptown has also gotten beans from in the past. This is a coffee that is really close to my heart as it has that brown sugar flavor I […]


While I’m still pretty enthusiastic about coffee, I don’t really feel the need to write about it anymore. On the other hand, my main/personal/general/theology/culture blog continues to receive new material fairly regularly. To reflect this, I’m switching the root of this domain to point to my main blog, Carpe Cakem. Old posts from the coffee […]


Roost is a newer shop that opened in Pullman just last year. It’s very nice, though tiny. They recently posted a nice promo video. They rotate coffee from (relatively) local roasters every couple of weeks which keeps things interesting. The last time I was there, they were serving a really great Ethiopian dry process from […]

Stumptown available locally

There are two places in town you can now get whole bean Stumptown. The Moscow Food Coop has a limited selection that gets replaced about once a week. It’s usually 1-2 weeks old. Cafe Artista also has some that is usually <10 days old. The single-origin stuff goes fast as they usually only get a […]

Three local coffees you really should check out this winter

#1. Dry Process Ethiopian from Landgrove in Troy. This stuff is NOT available every year and it’s been particularly good lately. The Doma offering from Coeur d’Alene is also very nice, though more expensive. I absolutely love this stuff, though it isn’t for everyone. It’s VERY lightly roasted with a strong blueberry flavor. Available at […]

Cafe Artista opens, Retro Espresso closes

My interests increasingly lie elsewhere and so keeping this blog up to date has fallen by the wayside. Nevertheless, a couple of changed to the landscape have occurred: Sister’s Brew is now gone and replaced with the Cafe Artista. The atmosphere of the shop is largely unchanged, though the addition of compact flouresent bulbs has […]

Pumpkin spice circus

It seems that the orange seasonal pumpkin spice latte has been the butt of many jokes this year. I’ve seen it referenced in a derogatory fashion by just about everyone these days. This is also the first year when we have really seen just about every national chain do their best to imitate Starbuck’s bestseller […]

Chalk drawings

Tyler is one of the baristas at Bucer’s. He and his wife Meghan have the skillz of an artiste. They’ve taken to improving the chalkboard in the back of the shop over the past month. Last week it was Michelangelo. This week it’s the Book of Kells.

Barista chatter

Ben Schott over at the New York Times recently published a really fun styled list of esoteric barista jargon. Link here. A few of my favorites: Check the honey – Indicates an attractive customer in line. (“Can you check the honey?”) Facemelter – A superthink ristretto, extracted for more than 30 seconds, less than one […]

Notes on some unique coffees this winter

A couple months ago, we received a visit from Emmanuel Sitaki Kayinamura, a native of Rwanda who survived the 1994 genocide there (though much of his family did not). He was in the states raising money for the Christian ministry he operates there that supports widows and orphans. You can read more about it at […]