Stumptown available locally


There are two places in town you can now get whole bean Stumptown. The Moscow Food Coop has a limited selection that gets replaced about once a week. It’s usually 1-2 weeks old. Cafe Artista also has some that is usually <10 days old. The single-origin stuff goes fast as they usually only get a couple bags in at a time. They usually have Hairbender espresso blend though.

I decided to pick up some of this Ethiopian for a trip this past weekend and had many cups of it over the course of the stay. It’s roasted about as light as possible, and is very one-note: jasmine turned up to 11. It’s rare that I’ve had a coffee so delicate that even just a dash of cream would cover it all up. If you really like traditional Yirgacheffe though, this is very nice. For the time being though, I think I’ll stick with the local Doma offering as it’s more versatile (and cheaper), but still top notch.

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