Rest in Peace, Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer passed away today. This is a sad, sad moment for me, though it’s been stretched out for several months now. Everyone saw it coming.

Michael really was unique. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY had quite the mix of humility, bite, and street cred to help others constructively work through the mess that is American evangelical Christianity.

Lots of folks had bigger brains than Michael, but they also had too many dogs in the fight to be of much help to those of us lost in the wilderness.

Some folks are kind and humble too, but too much so. They are too forgettable, too meaningless.

Very, very few people can write as well.

There are some young folks with really good ideas, but they can’t bring all the wisdom and life experience to the table like the iMonk could.

I don’t feel like there is anyone that can fill the void he has left. He said his book (who knew it would be his last hurrah!) was about 80% new material. I’m glad. Come September we’ll see his ghost wander back on earth for a time. Lord knows I’ll see him again when it’s all over.

I haven’t had death touch me very close, ever really. I’ve only been to a couple funerals, and they were never for anyone that close. I never met Michael, though we corresponded by email several times. He lives on the other side of the world as far as I’m concerned. I can tell though, just in the emotions lurking now, that when someone really close to me DOES die, I am NOT going to take it very well, at least for a little well. I’m too damn rooted in this earth. Oh well. In some ways, that’s probably a good thing.