The neccissity of the imitation of Christ

The Old Testament law reveals to us something about the nature of God, but it is also an impossibility for us. Christ is our mediator in both directions. He stands not just between our sin and God, but he is also the only way we know God first hand. He only did what he saw the father doing. Only by imitating Christ can we imitate God and grow to be more like him.

Christianity invites us to imitate a God who is perfectly good. It teaches us that if we do not do so, we will expose ourselves to the worst. There is no solution to mimetism aside from a good model. Yet the Greeks never suggested we imitate the gods. They always say that Dionysus should be kept at a distance and that one should never go close to him. Chris alone is approachable from this point of view. The Greeks had no model of transcendence to imitate. That was their problem, and it is THE problem of archaic religions. However, in a world where the founding murder has disappeared, we have no choice but to imitate Christ, imitate him to the letter, do everything he says to do. The Passion reveals both mimetism and the only way to remedy it.

-Rene Girard, Battling to the End, p.101