A note on Irish fiddlers

I’ve been listening to neo-traditional Irish music for many years now. With Pandora I get a pretty heavy dose at work too.

I just have a few things to say.

Liz Carrol totally rocks. Just listen closely to the subtly of her technique. She is blow-your-mind good.

Natalie MacMaster’s is famous and pretends she’s a rock star. That leather jump-suit-wearing gal from Celtic Woman is even more ridiculous. Sure, they both have all kinds of chops, but the main thing they have going is their showbiz friendly looks. They are both tall slender blondes.

Liz Carrol on the other hand is kind of old, somewhat overweight and a bit frumpy looking. She completely smokes everyone else on her instrument though. Cool.

Her recent duet album with guitarist John Doyle (another favorite of mine) is top notch.